Why going on special RETREATS is a must for today’s LAWYERS

Why going on special RETREATS is a must for today’s LAWYERS

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No matter our profession, we all want to develop professionally and climb that corporate lather. We have put in a lot of years of study and efforts, and we believe we truly deserve to achieve all our professional goals.

However, lawyers do have it harder than others!

International statistics say lawyers are some of the unhappiest people on the planet, having one of the most stressful professions.

The expectations are very high, the workload is the same, the execution time is very short and the market is in a continuous mobility and change. Everything that is learned today in college may not apply in 2-3 years to practical reality.

Office life often seems like a battlefield, fighting for: „best clients”, professional recognition, bonuses and position in the firm. And last but not least the workload never ends! Most of the time you leave the office with homework.

And in the case of lawyers in management positions, things are even more complicated, since they have to coordinate an entire team beside their own career, and the responsibility towards the clients is direct. Targets are becoming more and more impossible to reach as you climb the corporate lather and stress grows exponentially with success.

Unfortunately there is one downsize to using technology in our work.. it „helps us” to be always connected to the problems of our clients and gives them the false expectation to be 24/7 available to them.

There are times when you just feel like you want to breathe fresh air .. without pressure .. without deadlines .. without the „to do the list” that awaits you on the computer. And shutting down your cell phone.


Working hard and putting all that extra efforts into our careers takes its toll on our wellbeing and sometimes on our health.

Very few lawyers enjoy a fair balance between career and family. Very few acquire this necessary balance and many forget who is actually their most important client: their FAMILY.

The most widespread disease in the world making daily victims among young attorneys is not cancer but STRESS. And stress usually triggers all the other problems.

One hears so many stories of  either young lawyers that take a gap year  to find a more meaningfull purpose in life, right when they where supposed to work harder on their proffesional goals..or experienced lawyers that quit the profession alltogether to embrace different ones, completely different from their education and experience.

You don’t need to become a monk and  „sell you Ferrari” to reboot yourself.. We all need to live different life lessons, but what we all have in common is the need for guidance to wellbeing and happiness, when we feel trapped and drowned in our present.

There is life after law, but there is life during your law career, and for that you do not have to make many compromises, just to take some well deserved meaningfull breakes, once in a while, to recharge your batteries and reconnect to yourself!


There are a few occasions in life when you simply have to DISCONECT in order to RECONECT to yourself!

You would think that a family holiday or even a solo travel would be enough to charge your batteries. But most of the time you come back to the office even more tired than when you left and put ”out of office” in the mailbox.

Having people around (family or friends) that always have expectations of you, can be exhausting, even in your holidays. Sometimes it is just better to take some time off, just for yourself, having around proffesionals that can trully help you reconnect.

An answer to all the above problems would be a RETREAT specially created for lawyers worldwide, that is dedicated to the problems lawyers face in their profession, combining both RELAXATION and PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.


Take time to invest in your health and wellbeing, as well as on your professional training and personal development! 

Taking care of your health and wellbeing, as well as of your professional development is not a proof of selfishness but a long-term investment in your career as well as in your personal life!Consequently you will succeed in becoming the best version of yourself in the daily life.

Imagine yourself taking a week or 10 days for yourself, being part of a small group of  like-minded lawyers, in 5 * service resorts in spectacular locations such as  BALI or GREECE, enjoying:

  • Privacy;
  • Personal Consierge Service – assistance throughout the program;
  • Personal coach – individual personal development workshops;
  • Attending professional development workshops of your choice on: business development and marketing, networking and strategic relationships, public speaking, persuasive communication, time & stress management skills, negotiation skills etc.
  • Group activities that emphasize the personal and professional development of lawyers;
  • Outdoor workshops in innovative spaces that encourage networking;
  • Spa and wellness activities;
  • Experiencing Gourmet Dinners with Private Chef;
  • The opportunity to practice mindfulness, meditation, sports activities and have fruitful conversations with people with exactly the same concerns as you;
  • Recharging your batteries, and once you return to the office you will restart your activity with energy, enthusiasm, new ideas and relationships that will inspire you to become your best version!
  • Acquiring personal and professional development skills that will help you in your professional development / business;
  • Becoming more relaxed and accomplished personally, having the energy you need to enjoy everything you already have, but also to attract what you desire.

You can have all the above through IBLA Retreats – a special program created specially for lawyers worldwide.

Such retreats can be organized either as:

  • Mixed, small groups that include lawyers around the world
  • Special retreats for women lawyers
  • Retreats with the management team from a single law firm

Such retreats can be organized and customized for the law firm’s management team. Therefore:

  • It will be an extraordinary opportunity for the management team to spend time together, outside the business, conducting fruitful sessions of strategic planning and sustaining business development initiatives
  • The goal will be double: both business development and education – each lawyers to learn new professional and personal skills to help them become extraordinary lawyers and managers!

For a lawyers retreat to achieve the desired success, they must be helped to change speeds, slow down, see the „big picture”, sharpen their senses to develop their creativity and resilience in their daily tumultuous life.

When lawyers relax intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially, then unimaginable changes will occur.

Invest in your health and your wellbeing, and thus you invest in your career / business!


Author: IBLA Team

About the Author: IBLA is a team of trainers specialized in the legal market, remarkable professionals in LegalTech, branding, leadership, marketing, entrepreneurship and public speaking – created to help lawyers and law firms that need appropriate guidance.

All services provided by IBLA have been specially tailored for lawyers, being created after in-depth studies of the law market needs.

It addresses law firms in particular, but also individual business lawyers, who understand that the evolution of the business is closely related to the professional and personal evolution of lawyers and they want to meet the international standards in the field.


IBLA RETREATS  programs are privately sent *, enjoying FULL CONFIDENTIALITY.

These will be sent following a discussion with you, in which we will identify together the best applicable option.



* Periodically, some retreat packs will be promoted online, dedicated to a larger group.

For more information please visit: www.ibla-group.com or www.ibla.ro


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