LegalSifter and IBLA Group Partner to Accelerate Contract Review in Europe, Middle East and Asia

LegalSifter and IBLA Group Partner to Accelerate Contract Review in Europe, Middle East and Asia

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LegalSifter and IBLA Group Partner to Accelerate Contract Review in Europe, Middle East and Asia

Pittsburgh, PA USA | December ____, 2018   LegalSifter and IBLA – International Business Lawyer Accelawrator are proud to announce a strategic partnership to offer an innovative legal technology solutions that accelerate contract negotiations for law firms and businesses across Europe, Middle East and Asia.  Combining LegalSifter’s artificial intelligence (AI) with IBLA’s deep expertise in the legal technology consultancy will allow clients to review contracts quickly and confidently at a predictable cost.

Contracts are hard to negotiate. They take too long to review. LegalSifter makes it easier. Users upload draft contracts , and Sifters–software trained to read text, look for specific concepts, and learn over time–review the agreement for important concepts that demand attention and for concepts that are missing entirely. Sifters trigger Help Text, in-context advice tailored to the client’s business and negotiation position provided by attorneys and advisors of LegalSifter.

“One of our objectives at IBLA is quite clear: alignment of business law to the changes in innovation and technology at the international level. The reality is that many top law firms are still behind this. They need to understand that technology is a catalyst, not an opressor. Technology is not here to torture their old ways and  habits, but to enlift them. It can help provide flawless legal services, at lower costs and can help them be steps ahead of their competition, augmenting their business,” said Co-Founder & Executive Director of IBLA, Razvan Andrei Nacea.  “We truly believe in this partnership, therefore IBLA and LegalSifter are here to free law firms and lawyers from tedious, repetitive, time-consuming work that burns their fuel and leaves them with no energy left for the productive, creative and legal-centered work, that they actualy love. Lawyer’s profession has entered the era of change, and there’s no stop to it.”

“We are a global company, and we need global partners.  We are thrilled to partner with IBLA!  They are thought leaders and will help bring LegalSifter to new markets and new visionaries.  We are fortunate to know them,” said Kevin Miller, CEO of LegalSifter.

IBLA offers LegalSifter-enabled solutions to clients for a wide range of contract types, including end user license agreements, services agreements, software-as-a-service agreements, and confidentaility agreements, among others.

For additional information, please contact Razvan Andrei Nacea at +40 (731) 379 752 or

About IBLA – International Business Lawyer Accelawrator

IBLA – International Business Lawyer ACCELAWRATOR was born in Switzerland, every service being designed with the accuracy of the Swiss Watches, and it was further developed in Bucharest-Romania, one of the most powerful technology hubs in Europe.  IBLA offers integrated services, such as: LegalTech Software Solutions that will accelerate lawyer’s business and empower their brand; out of the box workshops & trainings, dedicated to the personal & professional development of lawyers; Digital Marketing Solutions that will create unique websites to fit the lawyer’s area of practice, brand and personality; evaluation systems for Lawyers and Legal Staff and “Mystery Law Shopping” Services- Online& Offline Personnel Evaluation. Additionally, IBLA is planning international retreats dedicated to lawyers, combining both relaxation and personal and professional development – in a disconnect framework, and is organizing international legal/networking events.

About LegalSifter

LegalSifter is dedicated to bringing affordable legal services to the world by empowering people with artificial intelligence. LegalSifter intends to achieve its mission by working with the legal profession, not against it. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA), LegalSifter offers its products directly to organizations as well as through and with law firms.


Laura Taylor
Vice President of Partner Experience
Kevin Miller Chief Executive Officer 412-370-1356  
Razvan Andrei Nacea
Co-Founder & Executive Director
+40 (731) 379 752

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