created so that business law will be aligned with the international changes in innovation and technology

About us

IBLA – International Business Lawyer ACCELAWRATOR was born in Switzerland, every service being designed with the accuracy of the Swiss Watches, and it was further developed in Bucharest-Romania, one of the most powerful technology hubs in Europe.

IBLA Team has been built around a Swiss-educated management and a team of top trainers specialized in the legal market, that gained hands-on experience through our external consultants – lawyers that practice on a national and international level, passionate about LegalTech, as well as technology professional consultants.

All services provided by IBLA have been specially tailored for lawyers, being created after in-depth studies of the law market needs.

In this way IBLA workshops have been specially crafted so that they respond to all the challenges lawyers face in practicing their profession, distinguishing themselves through tailored services and innovation.

It addresses law firms in particular, but also individual business lawyers, who understand that the evolution of the business is closely related to the professional and personal evolution of lawyers and they want to meet the international standards in the field


Because law schools around the world continue to produce graduates who lack practical skills and new skills needed in the job market, such as: business knowledge, an understanding of the role and use of technology in the profession of lawyer and “people skills”, it was necessary to create a non-formal educational program – IBLA.

Technology can help us not only provide flawless legal services but also to produce business lawyers passionate about their work that also succeed to reach personal balance needed to feel completely fulfilled.

Incorporating technology in delivering lawyer’s work is indispensable to cutting down repetitive, time -consuming, non-productive work and freeing-up time so that they can use it to develop professional creativity and use of mind thus adding value to their work.

Therefore, IBLA is intended for both the professional development of lawyers and of law firms that know their evolution is proportionally linked to that of their lawyers.

Bringing all the knowledge that is complementary to the technical requirements of any successful lawyer in a practical and applicable format is a NEED for the international business law market.

For this purpose, a team of remarkable professionals in IT, Branding, Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Public Speaking has been formed to help lawyers and law firms that need appropriate guidance.



Business law is an exciting, ever-changing profession with a high level of complexity and strongly affected by globalization, and the latest technology, where the competitiveness has reached its peak, and lawyers have been forced to create strategies to differentiate themselves within the market, to align to international standards, to incorporate within their work all the extra knowledge that TECHNOLOGY brings in order to make their life easier.

Lawyers must become professionals in business development, sales, marketing, branding, efficient networking and qualitative public speaking and above all, to be excellent technical legal professionals, in order to have a balanced life, on both professional and personal levels.

Although the lack of time is a real problem, it is our opinion that the current issues that today’s legal market is facing, have a resolution through proper education.

In Romania, as well as on international level, there is no formal education having as subject matter the complementary competences a business lawyer needs to master, in order to keep alive the passion for his profession, but also to reach the maximum potential of his professional development.


Law firms must invest in the development of their lawyers, because the firm is not only represented in the market by the services rendered, but also by the creators of those services, the lawyers. A top law firm would not exist without TOP LAWYERS!

IBLA distinguishes itself through:

  • Out of the box workshops, dedicated to lawyers
  • Teambuildings with innovative activities that focus on both team building and lawyers professional development so that the professional goals of the firm can be achieved much easier
  • Organizing legal events as well as networking events with entrepreneurs and leading business leaders
  • Planning international retreats dedicated to lawyers, combining both relaxation and personal and professional development – in a disconnect framework
  • LegalTech Software Solutions that will accelerate your business and empower your brand-  LegalTech solutions made easy to FIT YOUR EXACT NEEDS
  • Digital Marketing Solutions that will create unique websites to fit the lawyer’s area of practice, brand and personality
  • Performant Evaluations IBLA Systems for Lawyers and Legal Staff
  • “Mystery Law Shopping”- Online& Offline Personnel Evaluation (Online + offline tools)

All provided by IBLA TEAM:

  • TOP TRAINERS – the best professionals in the field, accredited at national and international level
  • RETREATS – through SEYTOUR TRAVEL AGENCY * – a reliable partner with over 25 years of experience in the field of tourism, nationally and internationally
  • A Top-notch IT&Digital Marketing Team that can transform unconventional ideas and concepts into reality

*In 2016 Seytour Travel & Events ranked first among the companies in Valcea County and in 2008, 2010, 2015 and 2017 ranked first in Top Businesses Romania | SEYTOUR was featured in Forbes, Financial Times, Bloomberg

Co-Founder& Executive Director Razvan Andrei Nacea

Razvan Andrei Nacea, Co-founder and Executive Director of I.BL.A., is a successful entrepreneur with a 15 years business experience, Business Coach, Trainer, Learning & Development Specialist and Business Marketing University Professor who has achieved impressive achievements so far.

He successfully delivered business coaching and training for managers and non-managers at: AMBER STUDIO, SIMPRACT, NETIM, HTMi Switzerland, SWISSTOUCHES Switzerland, PORSCHE, DEUTSCHE BANK, GENPACT, ORANGE, BANCPOST, BRD, PHILIP MORRIS, JTI.

Starting with 2018, Razvan Andrei was named Associate Professor at the Marketing Management Faculty of the Romanian-American University, teaching “Marketing in Business” for Master students.


Razvan Andrei was selected “Top 3 Speakers” at Forbes Summer School, and was nominated for “Forbes 30 under 30” 2015 edition for his professional achievements. He was also invited to Forbes 30 under 30 Summit in the USA.

He has enriched his theoretical and practical knowledge over years spent on three continents; He has specialized in management and business in world-renowned educational institutions: Queen Margaret University UK, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland, IMC Fachhochschule Austria, Cambridge University, University of Applied Sciences Munich, Germany.

Being a promoter of technology deployment in various industries, Andrei has recently talked about the implementation of AI processes in the field of tourism at the E-Travel Conference.

Andrei is now coordinating a team of trainers specialized in LEGALTECH, both nationally and internationally, with whom he has created the IBLA program – designed to help law firms around the world enhance to a digital transformation.

More about appearances in the press, about his references and achievements so far, you can find on .