Corporate Package

IN-HOUSE TRAINING SESSIONS within law firms, taught interactively by the IBLA trainers - the offer will be determined according to the client's needs and requests.

The IBLA Corporate Package includes:

  • Joint sessions for a larger group of lawyers within the firm
  • Special sessions dedicated to lawyers with management positions

IBLA distinguishes itself through:

  • Out of the box workshops, dedicated to lawyers
  • TOP TRAINERS – the best professionals in the field
  • Activities focused on the personal and professional development of lawyers
  • Confidentiality and dedication to client’s needs


Effective use of Technology in Lawyer’s activity
Business Development & Marketing for Lawyers & Law Firms
Professional Branding for Lawyers & Law Firms
Networking and Strategic Relationships
Public Speaking
Persuasive communication with clients
Time& Stress Management Skills
Building Business Leaders
Re-energize your management style
Effective Negotiation skills
Improving satisfaction of your clients


A demo presentation of one hour length shall be delivered to your law firm, upon mutual agreement of timing, before an audience of maximum 10-12 professionals, FREE OF CHARGE.