IBLA Workshops

Professional Branding for Lawyers & Law Firms

The importance of professional branding in business law

Learn to create and develop a professional and personal brand, and implicitly increase the brand of your law firm

Networking and Strategic Relationships

Extend your professional partnerships

Learn the attributes of a successful ``rainmaker`` and how to build professional relationships that develop into strong partnerships

Business Leaders

Inspire through your leadership skills

Whether you lead a temporary project team, a mix of contractors or a permanent staffing team

Persuasivecommunication with clients

Marketing and Sales techniques for lawyers

Acquire the necessary techniques to be more convincing and confident, and turn any potential client into a very satisfied customer

Effective use of Technology in Lawyer’s activity

Introduction to legal technology

An innovative program that combines the most edifying information existing on Legaltech

Public Speaking

Become a professional speaker

Find backstage secrets of the most influential presenters or what makes a lawyer a successful speaker

Business Development & Marketing for Lawyers

Techniques that enhance your law business

Innovative business development strategies that differentiate your company within a market strongly affected by globalization

Time&Stress Management Skills

Obtain your work-life balance

A law firm that invests in the health and wellbeing of its collaborators, invests in the exponential development of the company

Re-energyze your management style

Improve your abilities

Understand the changing role of a manager and develop your strategic thinking and planning skills

Effective Negotiation skills

Become an expert negociator

Learn the techniques that enable you to attract the client portfolio you desire

Improving satisfaction of your clients

So that they stay , pay and refer!

Understanding the skills needed to carry and win a negotiation in the legal field, draws a deep understanding of the lawyer's role in this process

Business law is an exciting, ever-changing profession with a high level of complexity and strongly affected by globalization, and the latest technology, where the competitiveness has reached its peak, and lawyers have been forced to create strategies to differentiate themselves within the market, to align to international standards, to incorporate within their work all the extra knowledge that TECHNOLOGY brings in order to make their life easier.

Lawyers must become professionals in business development, sales, marketing, branding, efficient networking and qualitative public speaking and above all, to be excellent technical legal professionals, in order to have a balanced life, on both professional and personal levels.

Although the lack of time is a real problem, it is our opinion that the current issues that today’s legal market is facing, have a resolution through proper education.

In Romania, as well as on international level, there is no formal education having as subject matter the complementary competences a business lawyer needs to master, in order to keep alive the passion for his profession, but also to reach the maximum potential of his professional development.