Business Development & Marketing for Lawyers

Techniques that enhance your law business

The competitive nature of today’s legal market denotes the importance of focusing on business development – a department that any law firm should develop.

Business Development is about creating and developing business relationships – this requires the design of a strong company brand and an effective marketing plan to build a professional network.

Selling legal services successfully does not depend on the charisma or the personality of the lawyer, although it also matters to a small extent, but it is about technique and professionalism. And we will teach you clear techniques that complement the legal knowledge you are trying to sell at a very high level.

Innovative business development strategies that differentiate your company

within a market strongly affected by globalization and the latest technology


  • Learn how to integrate Technology in Business Development;
  • You will understand the generics of Business Development and why you need Business Development in your practice
  • You will receive the steps in order to create, develop and manage a professional network through BD

  • You will learn from the mistakes others have made at the beginning of their careers or during their career path
  • By analyzing what you shouldn’t do you will realize fast exactly what you should do to have success


*A demo presentation of one hour length shall be delivered to your law firm, upon mutual agreement of timing, before an audience of maximum 10-12 professionals, FREE OF CHARGE.