Effective use of Technology in Lawyer’s activity

Introduction to legal technology

Comprises 3 workshops:

  1. Introduction to legal technology
  2. About specific AI (Artificial Intelligence) or RPA (Robotic process automation) programs existing worlwide, with direct applicability in the legal domanin
  3. How do lawyers cope with the transition to innovation? About EI (Emotional Inteligence) and adaptability

Technology is a huge benefit, not your enemy! Innovation cannot be avoided!

The legal industry is entering a new era, the technology era. Law firms around the world discover that software programs, such as RPA (robotic process automation), can change dramatically their daily work. Major US law firms have already recognized the need to integrate technology into the life of the law firm and have appointed a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and a Chief Information Officer (CIO) in the company. Technology is changing and evolving at a dizzying pace, and lawyers cannot afford to lose this train! Their clients have long gone into it and have similar expectations from their partners.

Incorporating technology in delivering lawyer’s work is indispensable to cutting down repetitive, time -consuming, non-productive work and freeing-up time so that they can use it to develop professional creativity and use of mind thus adding value to their work

Stress will be diminished by eliminating repetitive and unproductive tasks, and business lawyers will become passionate about their work, and also reach the work-life balance they strive for.

In this digital journey of lawyers, IBLA is their trusted partner!

This project is built to provide continuous education for lawyers as technology evolves, as with the passage of time technology will become a real challenge that lawyers have to deal with.

Technology continues to evolve, even if we like it or not! And business law is closely linked to the evolution of the business environment.

The rapidity of information changes the system of “billable hours”, and Digital Transaction Management is changing the traditional way of working with paper.

Technology transforms every segment of the legal ecosystem, including: workforce, division of labor, structure, budget, suppliers, abilities, education and training, and CLIENT’S EXPECTATIONS.

And law firms around the world are largely composed of the Millennials workforce, those born in the era of innovation. 

If traditional law firms want to remain competitive on the market, advice is to embrace innovation, not to fight it.

An innovative program that combines the most edifying information existing on Legaltech

as well as a presentation of the options existing on the market, in an unbiass manner


  • The law firm will benefit from all the information currently available on the international market regarding the most effective software / programs used in the legal domain, as well as all the benefits brought to their business. These will be presented by professionals in the field
  • The services provided by lawyers to their clients will be of superior quality, error free and delivered in a timely manner, without the need for many hours spent at the office
  • Lawyers will be familiar with the use of new technologies, so their anxiety level will be diminished! Education will lower the anxiety that “legal robots” will replace consultants and discover the benefits of using them

  • In-house professional development will be at the highest level, as you will discover how to use the technology so you can better connect with colleagues within the law firm, and
    • to communicate better
    • to exchange legal experiences, wherever you are
    • and so develop the firm’s expertise in real time
  • Last but not least, technology gives us access to education! You have very little time available during working hours for professional development, so why not use it to the full via technology?
  • You will learn how to save time and money in the law firm, putting Technology to work for you


*A demo presentation of one hour length shall be delivered to your law firm, upon mutual agreement of timing, before an audience of maximum 10-12 professionals, FREE OF CHARGE.