Networking and Strategic Relationships

Extend you professional partnerships

Essentially, everything you do to develop your business is about building professional relationships. This seminar focuses on how to make connections and how to develop strong partnerships. If you have a large and diversified network of contacts, opportunities and clients will come naturally. If you participate in a networking event hoping to “catch” the perfect client, you are likely to be disappointed. The goal should be to know as many new people as possible and to learn how to listen to them.

Learn the attributes of a successful ``rainmaker`` and how to build professional relationships

that develop into strong partnerships


  • You will realize the importance of professional relationships and partnership development
  • You will know how to develop and profit from contacts
  • You will know how to initiate discussions and how to make yourself known at events, conferences and workshops

  • You will realize the importance of follow-up and the steps you need to follow to maximize the development of professional relationships and the creation of a network
  • You will learn the attributes of a successful “rainmaker”
  • You will learn to listen to clients, be empathetic, confident, effective negotiator, resilient, customer-oriented and, last but not least, become an inspiring leader


*A demo presentation of one hour length shall be delivered to your law firm, upon mutual agreement of timing, before an audience of maximum 10-12 professionals, FREE OF CHARGE.