Professional Branding for Lawyers & Law Firms

The importance of professional branding in business law

How do you stand out? Where can you make a difference? What is the feeling that you nurture to clients? How do you build a brand? What does a company versus what does a brand? How important is building a personal brand for a lawyer or a law firm?

At all these questions you will receive your answers during “professional branding for lawyers workshop”.

You have the expertise clients need to win cases–but for many lawyers, communicating this can be a challenge. You need to learn where and how to market your expertise effectively and with ease.

How do lawyers position themselves towards their colleagues to get cases, promotions, clients, and references? In our lawyer branding session, our personal branding expert will show you how lawyers can highlight their unique talents and abilities, control perceptions, and gain greater success as a lawyer.

During the IBLA session we will work together to discover how important your branding is to you as a lawyer or to your law firm and we will spend more time advising you how to build a strong image and implicitly increase your company’s image.

Learn to create and develop a professional and personal brand

And implicitly increase the brand of your law firm.


  • You will understand the general notions of professional and personal branding and their importance in the business law market
  • You will get the steps to create and develop a professional and personal brand, as well as those to help make the brand of the law firm you are part of
  • You will know exactly the methods by which you can give value to the brand and you can “sell” the professional services of the company
  • You will know how to build a professional “elevator pitch”

  • You will discover your personal brand and why it matters to colleagues and clients
  • You will find out where and how to promote your expertise effectively and easily
  • You will know how to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • You will use your personal brand as a marketing tool
  • You will create effective marketing materials for your brand


*A demo presentation of one hour length shall be delivered to your law firm, upon mutual agreement of timing, before an audience of maximum 10-12 professionals, FREE OF CHARGE.